Along the tourist shore of the lake there are beaches, thermal pools, hotels, fish restaurants and coffee shops. You should use the large number of sunny days and lie on the beaches, you can rent a boat, a pedal boat and/or cruise and lake on tourist boat... In the evening programme on the summer stage is recommended. The moderate climate and favourable winds make sailing enthusiasts especially happy. The lake surface is suitable for all water sports. Sixteen years before Pierre Coubertin did it, Vermes Lajos from Subotica had organised the Palić Olympic Games in 1887, in which about one hundred athletes from Europe had competed. Today, there are still sports competitions organised at the lake. A rowing club and two sailing clubs organise regattas and sailing schools. On land, there are jogging and cycling trails, tennis courts, mini golf and mini bowling alleys at disposal. Enjoy the Nature Park while engaging in sports fishing, horseback riding, photo safari, hang gliding and definitely visit the beutiful zoo.
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