Bela Crkva Lakes

The Bela Crkva lakes are located in southern Banat, in the vicinity of the town of Bela Crkva (White Church), and as many as seven of them are perfect for swimming. The main lakes, which represent a unique tourist offer within Vojvodina are: Glavno Lake, Vracev Gaj Lake, Saransko and Sljunkara lakes. These lakes are a result of the quarrying of gravel from the bed of the long-lost Pannonian Sea. The gravelly bed and sandy shores of the lake give the water a translucent green colour. Glavno Lake’s shoreline is partially paved and landscaped, offering various sporting activities, recreation and sailboats for hire. The beaches of the other lakes are completely natural. Visitors can also swim at the nearby Nera and Karas rivers, while the Danube and Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal complement the unique natural environment. For guests who prefer to indulge in activities other than swimming, excursions to sites around Bela Crkva are organised in conjunction with local guides, including tours of Vrsac, Mesic and Gudurica, while boat and course fshing are organised on the lakes and on the canal. The mountain air from the slopes of the Carpathians, coupled with a large number of sunny days a year, provide additional beneft to the Bela Crkva lakes.
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