Banja Vrdnik spa is located in central Srem district, at the foot of Fruška Gora mountain. It lies 210 m above sea-level and is 74 km from Belgrade and 24 km from Novi Sad. The climate is moderate continental, with little rainfall, no wind and over 2200 hours of sunshine annually. The clean air, which has large quantities of ozone, makes Banja Vrdnik a spa for the lungs too. The 32.5° thermal water springs in Banja Vrdnik are hypothermal and have a wide range of effects on the human organism. Treatment is performed in the Termal Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital which has modern equipment for performing a wide range of procedures in physical medicine and rehabilitation and a qualified team of specialist doctors and acupuncturists. The following are treated in Banja Vrdnik: - all forms of rheumatic disease - postoperative and post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system and the spinal column - peripheral central motor neurone diseases - painful conditions - conditions requiring convalescence - respiratory and gynaecological conditions - migraines - joint and spinal column deformities Spa visitors have the use of an outdoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, indoor swimming pools and a sauna, as well as a football pitch which is ideal for sports training. Vrdnik is home to the Ravanica monastery and Vrdnik Tower – a Roman-era site – and on Fruška Gora there are another 16 monasteries which garner the interest of a great many tourists with their beauty, importance and valuable cultural treasures.
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