Banja Kanjiža spa is located in northern Serbia, on the right bank of the Tisa river. It is 40 km from Subotica and 120 km from Novi Sad. Kanjiža can be reached via the Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica-Horgoš highway and the Belgrade-Subotica railway line. The spa is located in a large park and stands 87 m above sea-level. The spa has a continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. The thermal mineral waters are hyperthermal, with temperatures of between 51 and 72°C, and contain sodium, hydrocarbonate, iodine, bromide and sulphide. Curative mud – peloid – is used during treatments. Treatment is carried out in the Banja Kanjiža Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital which is equipped with the latest physical medicine and rehabilitation devices. In Banja Kanjiža the following are treated: rheumatic diseases, conditions after injuries to bone-joint systems, peripheral nervous system injuries, postoperative orthopaedic conditions, central nervous system damage in children Guests have access to a large number of sport facilities: two indoor pools, sauna, solarium, gym, sports hall, athletics track, courts for volleyball, basketball, handball and tennis and football pitches. These facilities allow the spa to offer a special programme of medically supervised sports training. On the banks of the Tisa river there is a park with walking trails, and the river itself is ideal for watersports and angling. Nearby hunting grounds allow for the shooting of small and large game. Trips from Kanjiža to Subotica, Palić lake and the Zobnatica stud farm can also be arranged.
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