Nature park Vrasac Moutains

Just also rise suddenly out of the seemingly endless like Fruska Gora, the Vrsac mountains flatlands of the Vojvodina plains. Teir Guduric’s Peak, at 641m/asl, is Vojvodina’s highest point. Nestled against the Carpathian mountain range, the Vrsac mountains are a natural link between the flora and fauna worlds of mountain and plain landscapes. Known for its diverse flora, especially medicinal herbs, and mild climate, the area is conducive to all kinds of relaxing and recreational activities. Te area’s forests are mostly populated by oak, linden, acacia, common beech, sycamore and European black pine. Linden and acacia forests, which give the mountain area special aromatic characteristics when blossoming, provide a pleasant environment for visiting tourists and the collection of medicinal herbs. Structured walkways dating back around 200 years pass through this picturesque forest environment. Te forest areas are home to European Roe and Fallow deer, wild boar, hares, wolves, foxes, wildcats, badgers and skunk, but also pheasant, partridge, quail, dove, wood pigeon, wild duck, woodcock, Common Kestrel, Barn Owl, raven and jay. Te natural position and altitude of the area offers endless views over the town of Vrsac and nearby Romania, but primarily over Vrsac’s famous sprawling vineyards. Te cultivation of grape vines, with particular emphasis on white grapes – is one of the area’s preserved traditions. Vrsac hosts traditional annual events like Grozdjenbal (Grape fair), the Days of the Environmental Protection of Vrsac Mountains and many other tourist events. Vrsac Hill is the area’s main tourist and excursion destination.