The River Mlava flows from Beljanica Mountain and its hot springs and Krupaj Spring are the most important and probably the largest karst springs in Serbia. On the opposite – south side, below the rocky peaks of amazing white colour, after which the Beljanica is named, you will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Serbia. The spring known as Veliko vrelo (Great hot spring)and the waterfall known as Veliki buk (Great Cascades) are both protected as a single natural monument of Lisina. Spraying clear, cold water cascades down into the lake. This fast-flowing water tumbles out of the mist and on sunny days you can often see a rainbow. Lisina’s water flows into the Gornja Resava River, which is inhabited by an extraordinary type of fish, the watermill trout. This clear brook cuts its way through the limestone rocks and the most beautiful part of its course runs trough a narrow canyon that also has the status of a monument of nature. The narrowest part of the canyon is called the Sklop – the rocks are high, almost vertical, and lean towards one another, separated by just a few metres. The nameless waterfalls, vast forests and untouched wild nature of this region are irresistibly reminiscent of ancient times.