The very name Bukulja (from beech) testifies to the rich and ancient beech forests that grow on the mountain. A river of the same name flows down the mountainside, along which two artificial fish-rich lakes that have been man-made. One of them Garas Lake, is a popular day trip destination.From the watchtower at the top of Bukulja one can gain panoramic views covering almost half of Serbia. At the foot of Bukulja is the town of Arandjelovac & Bukovicka Spa. The mountain is also an extinct volcano, as proven by its granite rock faces containing a specific combination of minerals. In addition to beech forests, there are also hornbeam and oak woods. Marked hiking trails lead from the park at Bukovicka Spa to the top of the mountain and are excellent for conditional training of athletes, as well as recreational walking and running.