Jablanik mountain, located in the northwest of Povlen, is a Dinaric mountain already because of the fact that it stretches along the northwest-southeast direction. Its highest point is 1274 m high. Jablanik has very luxurious vegetation, especially the beech forests: the continual beech forests occupy the area almost reaching the peak of the mountain itself. Some trees are as high-rising as up to 30 m. On the other hand, there is no wild (forest) fruit on Jablanik, whereas there is an abundance of wild fruit in all parts of the neighboring Povlen mountain. The following geomorphological characteristics can be perceived on Jablanik: the terrain westwards from Tubravić is characterized by normal surface hydrography; the space eastwards from this hamlet is almost deprived of any surface flows, welled by numerous karst valleys. In the piedmont, there is the cut-in valley of the Sušica river, which is a canyon valley stretching around three kilometers in length. The highest parts of Jablanik are covered with grass, which is much more luxurious on the northern than on the southern slopes, which is the consequence of greater humidity on the former. Beneath the highest peak of Jablanik, there are the well-preserved traces of trenches, probably dating back in the period of the World War I. Cattlemen’s cottages are only preserved in one place, significantly further below, where there is more water. From the peak of Jablanik, you can have a beautiful view of the other mountains of Valjevo, as well as of the valley of the Kolubara river and the landscape towards the town of Valjevo. Jablanik is very suitable for walks and throughout the year numerous people who cherish special emotions for these mountains of Valjevo can be seen here. There is a good network of roads to access Jablanik mountain. You can access the mountain from the direction of Valjevo, by the road to Bajina Bašta, across Debelo brdo hill. For those who adore mountains, especially mountaineers, skiers, scouts, researchers, vacationists and sportspersons, the mountains of Valjevo, including Jablanik, have all the conveniences to offer extraordinary conditions throughout the year. The fact that the mountains of Valjevo are located in the vicinity of big urban centers, their favorable climatic conditions and all the beneficial things they offer are exactly what makes them attractive and interesting to a large number of those who cherish special emotions for nature and mountains in particular.