Thanks to its dense coniferous forests and rich mountain air, Zlatar is rightly referred to as “the factory of red blood cells”. Even Greeks and Romans knew of the healing qualities of the air on Zlatar Mountain which is why they chose to build their settlements there. Moreover, the natural beauties and fruits of Zlatar were also enjoyed by members of Serbia’s Nemanjic dynasty, who built the Mileseva Monastery there in the 13th century. Zlatar Mountain is 22 kilometres long and 12 kilometres wide. It lies in the area between Lima, Bistrica, Nova Varos and Pester. Its northern slopes gently descend to the Uvac Valley, while the south side falls sharply into the deep Milesevka River Gorge. This river formed a wild limestone gorge between the mountain massifs of Zlatar and Jadovnik, where very old specimens of red pine are preserved impressively.
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