The Gorge of the River Ibar, one of the longest and most beautiful in Serbia, is famous for its place as a monument to nature – the wild Black Pine, which is estimated at more than 170 years old. The Pine and stone warrior, a monument dedicated to the wars of 1912 -1918, stand as guards on a rock above the fast and freezing River Ibar. Anybody who loves rivers, mountains, nature and experiencing wild waters should first try rafting down the Ibar. The most exciting section is between the confluence of the Ibar and Studenica down to the medieval city of Maglic. Today, the Ibar Gorge is also known as the Valley of Lilacs. Serbian King Uros I Nemanjic married Helen of Anjou in around 1250AD. As a sign of welcome for the French princess, the Serbian king ordered that the entire Ibar Valley be planted with lilacs. His wedding reception gesture succeeded in completely binding the princess’s heart to Serbia.