Hotel ,,Plamen - grad” is located in Kovin on Old city hill. Object is located on hill above Danube coast, more precisely : above distributary channel ,,Dunavac“. In big park, in front of,,Plamen - grad” is located unique model od Danube river from mouth of Tisa river to Hidroelectric station ,,Đerdap“. Except Danube where visitors can playing a water sports and enjoy relaxation, they can visit lake ,,Šljunkara“ and sport courts. Near Kovin is well known ,,Deliblatic sand“ where visitors can hunting, and also Kraljevac lake where visitors can enjoy in fishing. Next to ,,Plamen - grad” is cycle route ,,EuroVelo 6“. Hotel offers to its quests cafe bar and restaurant for 300 people, where we can also organise a celebrations, seminars and conferences.The hotel has 22 rooms and 3 apartments, in total for 70 guests.Every room has toilet, TV, air condition and Wi-Fi network. Caffe bar / restaurant – 3 halls for 300 guests 22 rooms, 3 apartments – for 70 guests Seminars and conferences. all kind of celebrations 26220 Kovin, Dunavska 19 Tel:+381 26 742-180, +381 26 741-353 E-mail: