Suva Planina (Dry Mountain), located in eastern Serbia and comprising part of the Carpathian-Balkan mountain system, is a massif with exceptional rock formations, as well as rich sediments of different ages. Its peaks – especially the highest peaks of Trem (1,808 m), Djordjina Cuka (1,735 m), Golemo Straziste (1,714 m), Litica (1,683 m), Sokolov Kamen (1,552 m), Golemi Vrh (1535 m) – are mainly bare or covered in very little vegetation. The earth here is rocky and full of depressions, while the lower parts are covered in grassed. On Rakos, below the Tresten summit (1,470 m), is the only spring on the mountain. Springs are very rare on the mountain’s higher climbs, but at the foot of Dry Mountain there are numerous springs, most notably in the villages of Ljuberadja, Gornja Dusnik and Mokra. The most notable of the mountain’s rare and endangered plant species are the distinguished Picea Aquilegia and the Serbian rose, while rare animals include the Great Crested Newt, Hermann’s Tortoise and the Horned Viper.