Radan Mountain

Comprising three massifs – Majdan Mountain, Ravna Mountain and Petrova Gora – Radan Mountain was created by the movement of the old Rhodope territory, which belongs to the group of Rhodope Mountains. Its highest peak is Sopot, at 1,408m/asl. Radan’s terrain is dominated by beech forest providing a perfect habitat for wolves, wild boar, roe deer, wildcats, badgers and foxes, whilst its meadows are filled with many herbs. Thanks to the warmer climate of Radan Mountain, several endemic and relict plant species have survived, the most important of which are remnants of forests from the Tertiary period. The Prolom Spa is on the slopes of Mount Radan, while the archaeological site of the Byzantine Caricin City is nearby. Caricin city near Lebane, known in its time as Justiniana Prima, was built in 535AD using all the knowledge of the then contemporary urban planners and architects. The city was a testament to architecture in its time acting as a kind of world exhibition centre for all of the then known architectural wonders. Justinian Prime is a walled city with images of all types of towers, while the city centre was adorned with eight basilicas.