The richness of nature and the preserved vegetation have enabled the survival of a large number of endemic species on Tara, a mountain that has been declared as a National Park. Only here did the Pančić's Spruce find its shelter and survive the Ice Age. In such a healthy environment, one should dedicate one's time to rest and relax. There are numerous opportunities, and we do warmly recommend that one should pay a visit to the belvederes, from which one has an unforgettable view of the river. Paying a tourist visit to the canyon is what one should not fail to do. The Drina is one of the most exciting rivers for cruising. Should you opt for a longer cruise, you will be enjoying unforgettable sights and moods of the green beauty for hours. The little ship leaves the dam at Perućac Lake, in the vicinity of Bajina Bašta. The lake is one of those that were made once the wild power of the Drina had been tamed by building the dams.