Šid has a long history, but for the most part it is related to Sava Šumanović, a painter in the first half of the twentieth century. The Gallery with over 400 artistic works is located in the house he was born in. The Museum of Naive Art in Šid was named after another famous naive painter - Ilija Bosilj. Sremska Mitrovica, once the city of Sirmium, was one of the four capital cities of the Roman Empire. The remains of the Imperial Palace can be seen in the Visitor Center. In the center of the town, there is a big sandy beach, next to which there are a sports-recreational center, a playground for children, a cycling path etc. According to one interpretation, the name of Šabac, was derived from the word Sava - on the Sava. The beach of Šabac and the Šabac fair are known as well as the people of Šabac are for their frolicsome spirit, resourcefulness, bohemianism and special lifestyle. The "Stari Grad" ("Old Town") Beach is located beside the fortress. Zasavica is a Special Nature Reserve, in which the original beauty of the landscape and the rare old species of flora and fauna have been preserved. This is where you can enjoy the ambience and birdwatching. Navigation on a tourist ship through the Reserve is very attractive. There are arranged locations for sport-fishing and other activities. In the vicinity, there is a car-camp. In the vicinity of Šabac, there is a Special Nature Reserve - Obedska Bara (Obedska Pond), one of the oldest protected natural goods in the world. This marshy and forest complex has exceptional natural values. There are arranged educational paths, observation posts, information boards and sightseeing boats.