Niš - The city, like the river, has not changed its name ever since it was given that name. A beautiful quay, arranged for enjoyment, recreation and fishing, follows the Nišava while flowing through the city. On the left bank there is the urban centre, a modern city that offers an abundance of artistic, sporting and entertainment facilities and on the right one, there is the Niš fortress from the 18th century, where there are signs of different epochs of the long history of Niš. In this area, formerly a roman fortification, Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was born. Not far from Niš stretches 17km long and 400m deep Sićevac Gorge (Sićevačka klisura), richly decorated with caves and wildlife. A legend says that it was eroded by dancing fairies. In the beautiful surroundings Ramonda Nathaliae and Ramonda Serbica - autochthonous plants grow, and traces of material culture in the gorge date from prehistoric times. The george is named after the place of Sićevo, located on a plateau high above the river. The village is famous for its quality wines and one of the best trails in the world for paragliding. The riverbed, die cut between the mountains Svrljiške Planine and Suva Planina, is extraordinary for rafting. Bala Palanka, Pirot, Dimitrovgrad - These are charming little towns with rich cultural heritage, the places where tradition and nature are preserved. The Joyful Descent down the Nišava River is organized in Bela Palanka. It is accompanied by good fun and socializing. It is possible to camp and swim on the arranged beach of Divljansko Lake. In Pirot and Dimitrovgrad , the town swimming-pools with sports grounds have been built by the Nišava River. The natural swimming beach by the beautiful quay with the avenue of linden-trees is also a favorite place for people of Pirot to visit. Out of all the sports, many people like fishing the best. And they say that there is no fishing area as beautiful as this one to find by far. The small tributaries - yet, they carve grandiose canyons and make striking waterfalls! - The canyon of the Temštica River, the Nišava's tributary, is almost 20km long, and for its being extraordinarily beautiful, it has been called "Small Colorado". The Toplodolska river also makes an impression, with the reddish color of the soil and stones. - The village of Topli Do, surrounded by the waterfalls of Piljski (64m) and Čunguljski (40m) as well as other waterfalls, "competes" with another village in the Old Mountain (Stara Planina) - the village of Dojkinci - over which of the two villages is richer in the waterfalls! - The gorge of the Rosomačka river and the canyon of the Jerma are also famous. There are arranged resorts, the paths are signposted and one should not go there without a camera.