The majority of the towns are distanced from the river, which is know for its being whimsical and its habit of changing its flow, meandering, flooding fields... The river has been praised in many a song, both for its magnanimity and for its whim. This is the river people love, scold and respect - (for many) it is the native soul. In Ćićevac, visit the area of Mojsinjska Mount, known for its numerous monasteries and water springs. In Paraćin, the picnic area of Grza, and in Jagodina, pay a visit to the Aqua park and the Zoo. In Svilajnac, visit the museum of The Natural Science Scenter Serbia. In Požarevac, in the vicinity of the Morava, there is Horse Farm of Ljubičevo. The most beautiful beach and park on the bank of the Morava are located in Ćuprija. The park is distinguished by its recreational paths and the playground for children, whereas, inclining towards the town, it is people's favorite walk and the place where they bring together.