The Tisa is navigable all 164km through Serbia. It flows past nature reserves and protected areas, so it is the real choice for all those enjoying the green colors of the river. Its artifically created river-bed, made by the construction of the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal, as well as its old meanders, is also interesting. To navigate down the Tisa from one small town to another means to rest. Down its river-flow, nice settlements with a rich cultural and tourist offer are located. The river-banks of the Tisa have been transformed into town promenades, nearby which the beaches and the harbors have been built and the recreational and catering programs have been offered in suitable places. Many owners of small boats opt for the Tisa for cruising with their families. During the summer season, there are excursion ships, and in a larger number of places, it is possible to charter a boat or a ship for one or several days. Kanjiža is a famous spa resort of a long tradition and the first place into which Tisa flows when entering Serbia. There are a rehabilitation center, a sport hall, a beach, a restaurant, a car camp etc. by the river-bank. Senta is first of all recognizable for the monument erected in the honor of the famous battle of Senta fought in the year 1697. The people of Senta praise themselves for the fact that a popular song "A Boaton the Tisa" was written in their place. Anyway, the town is the home of one particular writer - Stevan Sremac was born in Senta. In Ada, the people live in a slowmotion rhythm and on the river, too. The beach is arranged, a swimming-pool complex has been built just as well as trim track and a sports-recreational center. In Bečej, located on the right river-bank, the lock called Šlajz, which is said to have been designed by Eiffel, is located. The style of the construction reminds us of the famous tower in Paris, and is located in the place where the Tisa intersects with the Great Bačka Canal. The mansion of the Dundjerski family, the Fantast castle, transformed into a hotel, should also be paid a visit to. New Bečej is a town with three museums in it and is located on the left river-bank of the Tisa. In the vicinity of the town, there is the Nature Reserve of Slano Kopovo, one of the most important habitats of birds, as well as the Pearl Island (Biserno ostrvo), suitable for growing vine. There is also the Nature Park of Old Tisa (Stara Tisa), which partly belongs to Žabalj as well - a nice small place, with the Golf Center covering the area of 38 hectares. Aradac, facing Žabalj, is a known resort, with an arranged beach and a camp. Titel is located in the triangle of the Tisa, the Begej and the Danube. Is the Hillock of Titel the place where the Huns' treasure lies hidden, as it is thought by many?! Interesting treasure hunts are organized here and one can spend a nice day in participating in them. Together with paying a visit to the Nature Reserve, paragliding, gyrocopters and cruising the river are also the items of the offer.