Sremski Karlovci is situated 11 kilometers away from Novi Sad, and 57 kilometers from Belgrade on the old road Novi Sad – Belgrade. It can be reached from Belgrade by a train "Romantika". This town was a religious capital for 200 years and cultural-educational center. In the Baroque center of the town, around the square with fountains, there are the buildings of priceless importance for the Serbian history and culture, are situated. The Church Cathedral of St Nicholas (1762), with two high bell-towers and iconostasis being a real master piece of art of Serbian Baroque. The Palace of the Patriarchate which is the seat of the Bishop of Srem, presents the most monumental building of 19th century in Vojvodina. The fountain Four lions, built in 1799, for which the legend says that the one who once drank the water would come back to Karlovac and get married there. The oldest high school in Serbia is situated here – The High School Of Karlovci. Vineyards give a distinguishing landscape feature to this area, and excellent vine and growing number of the wine-cellars present a significant touristic offer of the town. Stražilovo, situated 4.5 kilometers away from Karlovci, present a picnic place full of terraces and cafes, and sports terrains are ideal for all kinds of recreation.
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