The regional road Novi Sad–Sombor, 35 kilometers away from the international highway Е 75, there lies Bački Petrovac. It is exactly 150 kilometers away from Belgrade. Today’s sight of this area is characterized with rich and fertile plains with oases of ochards and vineyards., network of canals and the river Danube. Besides, the important cultural heritage will force a passer-by to prolong his stay in Bački Petrovac at least for one day. The old, well preserved house from 18th century dominates the area, which is protected by the law for being a cultural property of special importance for the national constructions. Bački Petrovac actually consists of four settlements. Old church in the village Kulpin, old High School, National Museum and many heritages which make a guest learn about the history of that area. The Danube cycling route Eurovelo 6 passes through there, and with first sunny days it is crowded with cycling lovers. At the beginning of August, since 1919, the Slovak national celebrations have been kept. The Kulen sausage Festival is especially interesting organized at the end of May every year. 10 кm from Bački Petrovac there is Čelarevo where the largest necropolis in Vojvodina was found, dating from 8th and 9th century. Gold jewelry, weapons and tools and other objects are considered to be of great value by the experts.