Backa Palanka is the center of municipality which encompasses 14 villages, while two of them – Nestin and Vizic, are placed in Srem, on the right bank of the Danube. By its area of 580 km2 and population of 55.000, it is one of the biggest municipalities in Vojvodina. Its good geographical location, natural resources, cultural heritage and various manifestations make this municipality very attractive for visitors. The most important natural resources are: - The Danube river and its branches and channels - Natural lake Tikvara as the most attractive lake of our municipality, and at the same time nature park of the 3rd category of protection - Artificial lake Bager The most important natural goods of our municipality are: - Special nature reservation “Karadjordjevo” of the second category of protection with the stable, Museum of horse breeding and horse race track - Special nature reservation “Bagremara” of the first and second category of protection - Nature monument “The Park of Celarevo Castle” All these natural values are extremely important for the development of outdoor tourism, gastronomic, sports as well as nautical tourism; birdwatching, hunting and fishing, but also manifestations which take place in nature and on the Danube’s bank, such as „Etno šor, „Dunavski bal“, „Zlatni kotlić“, „Festival of ekological theatre for children and youth“ and “Days of the Danube“. Due to the specific morphology of the terrain on the slopes of Fruska gora mountain, both cycling and orienteering are especially popular in Nestin; whereas wine lovers can enjoy wine tasting in several well known wineries. The development of cycling has had a great potential, and therefore 12 local routes have been traced. They represent a natural connection with the Danube route Euro velo 6, Croatian and the Fruska gora cycling network of paths. Cultural municipality goods: - archeological sights - Dundjerski castle in Celarevo from the 19th century - Beer museum in Celarevo - open air museum „The Savic house“ in Nestin -Serbian orthodox church from the 18th century in Nestin - City museum - National library “Veljko Petrovic” - Serbian orthodox church of Saint John the Baptist from the 18th century - Catholic church from the 18th century -Slovakian evangelistic church from the 19th century Cultural goods of our municipality are convenient for carrying out various promotions, exhibitions, colonies and manifestations which attract a great number of visitors of different ages. Backa Palanka is especially famous for its gastronomic variety of fish specialties which can be tasted at several different river restaurants, along with the sound of tamboura musicians – “Saran” river restaurant in Celarevo, “Kalos river restaurant”, “Florida”, “The Danube restaurant” and “River restaurant at Sika’s”. The stew for the Guinness Book of Records of 2002 was prepared at “Kalos river restaurant”. It was tasted by 12.000 guests and the exhibit of this dish is placed at Bager lake. It has 2,4 in diameter, depth of 1,5 m and volume of 4,160 l. In the town of Backa Palanka and its surroundings, there are different places for tourist accommodation, and the most important are: “Fontana” hotel, “Agrovojvodina” hostel, “Villa Grande” hotel, restaurant and accommodation place “Idila” and “Idila plus”, restaurant and accommodation place “Olimp-Central”, restaurant and accommodation place “Poloj”, “Bagremara” resort, rural-touristic household “Gnjezdo”; rest houses “Skelica” and “Ivana”, apartments “Hemingway” and “Casa Castellum” as well as rural-touristic household “Gaston Wine” and “Sinerek”.