Ovčar Banja spa is located in the heart of the Ovčarsko-Kablarska Klisura gorge, through which the Zapadna Morava river flows. It is situated 279 m above sea-level and is surrounded by the forest-covered Ovčar and Kablar mountains. The climate is moderate continental. Ovćar Banja is 18 km from Čačak and 160 km from Belgrade. Ovčar Banja can be reached via the main Belgrade-Čačak-Požega road and the Belgrade-Bar railway line. The medicinal water of Ovčar Banja (which has a temperature of between 35 and 38°C) contains the macroelements calcium and sodium and the microelements potassium, lithium, rubidium, caesium, strontium, barium, iodine, bromine, cobalt, phosphorus, fluorine and manganese. Treatment entails bathing in thermal mineral water and applying mud masks to affected parts of the body. Therapies are performed under the supervision of specialist doctors. Treatments include spa therapy and physical therapy and hydrotherapy, massage and medication. The following are treated in Ovčar Banja : - rheumatic diseases and degenerative rheumatism - spondylosis and joint diseases - after-effects of broken bones - muscle tissue injuries - skin diseases The Ovčarsko-Kablarska Klisura gorge is protected by law as a natural area of exceptional importance and as a Category I natural resource. The landscape is outstandingly diverse and beautiful. The Ovčarsko-Kablarska Klisura gorge is a significant cultural and historical feature with its mediaeval monasteries, its diverse flora and fauna and is an outstanding monument of geological heritage – an example of the interaction of the forces of geology and water. On the forest-covered Ovčar and Kablar mountains there are marked trails for hiking and mountaineering. On the artificial lake Međuvršje, located on the Zapadna Morava river, there is an 800 m-long area for sports fishing, and the bathing season is from May to September. Cultural and sporting events are held in Ovčar Banja during the summer, the best-known of which is the Ovčarsko-Kablarska Klisura Swimming Marathon.
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