Vranjska Banja spa is located in southern Serbia, 10 km from Vranje and 6 km from the Belgrade-Skopje highway. The spa lies 380 m above sea-level and has a moderate continental climate, with very pleasant summers which have warm days and fresh nights. The forest-covered peaks shield the spa from strong and cold winds. Vranjska Banja has several mineral water springs, with high temperatures ranging from 94 to 110°C, meaning that it is considered to be one of Europe’s hottest spas. Treatments are administered in the Vranjska Banja Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital. Therapies include bathing in mineral water and sulphurous curative mud, electrotherapy, massage, kinesiotherapy and acupuncture. The following are treated in Vranjska Banja: all forms of rheumatism, post-traumatic conditions (broken bones), neurological conditions (intervertebral disc conditions, sciatica), chronic gynaecological conditions The mineral water when cooled has a beneficial effect on digestive organ conditions. Vranjska Banja is surrounded by the densely vegetated slopes of Besna Kobila mountain, which are excellent for walking in summer and sledging and skiing in winter. The spa’s surrounding area allows for hunting and fishing, as well as organised walking and cycling tours. In the city of Vranje, visit the National Museum, the Haremluk (female quarters of a Muslim house) and the house of Bora Stanković. Excursions to Vlasinsko Jezero lake and the Prohor Pčinjski monastery are also possible.
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