Banja Vrujci spa is located at the foot of the Suvobar and Maljen mountains, in the Toplica river valley. Vrujci can be reached via the Ibar Highway (Ibarska Magistrala) or the Belgrade-Valjevo road. Vrujci is situated 92 km from Belgrade and has a mild moderate continental climate, standing at between 179 and 252 m above sea-level. The thermal waters in Banja Vrujci (28°C) contain calcium, magnesium and selenium. The generous flow rate of the spring is 300 litres per second, making it the fastest flowing in Serbia. The rehabilitation centre offers a full range of health treatments: kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and mud therapy. The mineral water is used for bathing and drinking, and peloid – curative mud - is used in pack form. The following are treated in Banja Vrujci: chronic rheumatism, high blood pressure, anaemia, neurasthenia, kidney and urinary tract stones, gynaecological conditions, eye disorders Hotel Vrujci has one indoor and three outdoor thermal water swimming pools, a gym, whirlpool bath, sauna, fitness room, football pitches, tennis courts and small sports fields, which make the spa ideal for sports training. The area surrounding Vrujci is set apart by its stunning landscape and diverse forests. The Valjevo mountain range is ideal for hunting and the Toplica, Kolubara and Lepenica rivers lend themselves to fishing. In the vicinity of Banja Vrujci there are village households which cater to tourists. The village of Struganik and the house in which military leader Živojin Mičić was born, are not far from the spa, as too are the Bogovođa monastery and the village of Brankovina, the town of Mionica and the city of Valjevo with their rich historical and cultural heritages.
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