Banja Junaković spa is located in north-western Serbia, 4 km from Apatin, and is surrounded by beautiful forests and unspoilt nature. It is 200 km from Belgrade and 100 km from Novi Sad. The spa is reached via the regional road from Novi Sad, passing through Vrbas and Sombor or through Apatin. Chemical analysis has determined that the waters here, which can reach a temperature of 60°C, contain sodium, lithium, calcium and magnesium. This means the thermal waters of Banja Junaković are of a similar type to those of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, Harkány in Hungary and Lipik in Croatia. Treatments are performed in the Banja Junaković Rehabilitation and Recreation Centre, applying modern medical methods under the supervision of specialist doctors and therapists. The therapy block has a hydrotherapy section (with a pool and baths for underwater massage), electrotherapy equipment (ultrasound, laser, magnet, BIOlamps), two saunas, a kinesiotherapy room, paraffin treatment room and inhalation room. The following are treated in Banja Junaković: various types of chronic rheumatism, after-effects of trauma and stroke, peripheral nervous system injuries, postoperative orthopaedic and postoperative spinal column conditions, gynaecological diseases (primary and secondary sterility, degenerative diseases during the menopause), non-specific respiratory diseases (asthma, spastic bronchitis, throat and trachea infections Guests have use of a sports complex comprising 10 outdoor swimming pools, small sports fields and tennis courts. The Danube is not far from Banja Junaković, for fishing and water sports and the hunting grounds along its banks which harbour various game and bird species.
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