Mladenovačka Spa - Selters

Selters Banja spa is located in a spacious, forest-covered area at the base of Kosmaj mountain, 1 km from Mladenovac and 50 km southeast of Belgrade. The spa lies 136 m above sea-level and has a moderate continental climate with a good number of sunny days annually. The Selters mineral water is of the alkaline-muriatic carbon acid hyperthermal type, has a temperature of 50°C and is highly mineralised (7.8 g/l). The mineral waters in Bad Ems (Germany), Royat (France) and Luhačovice (Czech Republic) have a similar chemical composition. The water has been used in treatments since 1893 and bottled since 1900. It received awards at exhibitions in Brussels in 1906 and London in 1907. Selters mineral water is used as a therapeutic resource in hydrotherapy and kinesiotherapy and is inhaled in steam form and drunk. Treatment is administered in the Selters hotel medical centre and includes hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, sonotherapy, thermotherapy, occupational therapy, massage by instrument and hand, as well as complete respiratory rehabilitation. The following are treated in Selters Banja: bone and joint system diseases, post-injury conditions, neurological diseases, chronic diseases and work-related injuries. Selters Banja is surrounded by an 18-hectare coniferous forest park which is ideal for walking and relaxation. Not far from the spa are the Kosmaj and Avala mountains, Oplenac, Bukovička Banja spa, Markovačko Jezero lake and the Pavlovac monastery. INFO Institut za rehabilitaciju "Selters" Kralja Petra I 335, 11400 Mladenovac tel: +381 (0)11 8241-100, fax: 8236-431