Next to Bački Petrovac, up the river Danube, there lies Bačka Palanka. Noone should miss the paleontology exhibition in the town museum which includes the skeleton parts of animals that once had lived on the territory of Vojvodina. The most interesting skeletons are probably the remains of the mammoths over 25.000 years old. Bačka Palanka is known for the Jazz and Bluz Festival organized each June. In the same month people there celebrate the Danube Days. Fisherman dispose of a wide variety of places not to miss. There are natural park "Тikvara", a special resort "Каrađorđevo" or Bukinski rit. We draw attention of the nautics to the effluents, like "Bager". Hunting terrains spread on over 60,000 ha, and what draws attention os one of the largest pheasant breeds in Serbia organized within the hunting terrain Karađorđevo.