On the International highway Belgrade – Novi Sad – Subotica – Budapest, and in the valley of the river Krivaja, there is Bačka Topola situated. It is 146 kilometers away from Belgrade. Besides the highway passing close to the town, there is the old major road passing through Bačka Topola. Bačka Topola has significant buildings with the characteristics of the Baroque style, and the Catholic Church (1905) is in pseudo-Gothic style (with a tower 74 m high). There stands out the County House, Blacksmith-chart wrights workshop and Museum of flour milling located in the old windmill. Hunting and sport fishing is what people in Bačka Topola especially appreciate. The hunting grounds of this district are visited by the hunters coming from all over the world. Rabbits and pheasants are widespread, and it is not unusual to see the real groups of deer. The hunting grounds Krivaja absolutely stands out.