Zlatibor Agricultural Complex was founded in 1946. In the beginning, it dealt with the purchase of meat and dairy products from the producers of Zlatibor region. Together with the Belgrade Agricultural Complex, it is the oldest agricultural association in Serbia. AC Zlatibor deals with the production and processing of milk, the breeding of pedigreed breeder offspring, livestock stall-feeding, the production of big-size fodder, the registration of motor vehicles and agricultural mechanization, the trading of construction material and retailing consumer goods. The enterprise’s main activity is livestock breeding – the production of meat and milk. There is a farm of cows of the Simental breed, with the breed of 485 heads (the cows and the breeder offspring); in the future, they plan to increase the livestock fund until all the stable capacities are fully used. Previously, the enterprise dealt with the processing milk from its own farm; as demand for dairy products has increased, however, it started purchasing, so that currently it is cooperating with over 600 agricultural producers. There are plans for broadening the network of purchase points in central and western Serbia, too. The processing of milk is conducted in its own dairy, whose capacity will increase from 30000 to 90000 liters of milk after the reconstruction. With its broad assortment of the healthy products of Zlatibor, yoghurt, light yoghurt, sour milk, sour cream, peppers in cream, the cheese of Zlatibor, semi-fat cheese and caciocavallo, this enterprise makes the tourist offer of Zlatibor complete and is the trademark of the history of Zlatibor region and hardworking people, linking at the same time the tradition of production and the historical roots of the development that date back in 1946 and have been lasting to date. AC Zlatibor also places its products in the broader territory of western Serbia, within the territory of the City of Belgrade and in Montenegro. Tel: +381 31 384 1128 ; +381 31 841 428 ; +381 11 332 5159 ; +381 60 500 2620 ; +381 60 500 2633 ; +381 11 332 2370 PK „Zlatibor“ Naselje Farma br.1, 31315 Zlatibor Serbia