FLORIVA d.o.o. (limited liability) is a family-owned firm dealing with the production of container seedlings of soft fruit, the training of producers, cooperative production and the processing of the fruit of cultivated forest strawberries into the brandy unique in the world. Apart from the production of seedlings, we also organize home-making with more than 300 individual agricultural producers, where we pick the fruits that are further processed. During 2010, we developed the Fragolija brand, a line of exclusive products from forest (wild) strawberries. We also offer wild strawberry brandy and a series of other accompanying products produced from soft fruits. The raw base for all our products is the first-class fruits of the most quality wild strawberries picked in the mountain region of the Western Serbia. It is our goal to process all produced and bought quantities of the fruits of the wild strawberry into quality products that we can proudly offer in the national and international markets. Wild Strawberry Brandy Our wild strawberry brandy is unique in the country and the world. It is produced following the original recipes relying upon the rich tradition of this region in the production of brandy. One liter requires 15 kg of the fruits, i.e. around 10000 carefully picked fruits of wild strawberries. The rich aroma of the wild strawberry is felt in each drop of this exclusive and, we can freely say so, exotic drink. Tel: +381 32 640 000 ; +381 66 864 0012 ; +381 66 864 0000 Radaljevo bb Ivanjica 32250 Serbia
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