The “Dosković” Household is located in Zvjezd, Prijepolje Municipality, on the slopes of Jabuka (Apple) Mountain, between Serbia and Montenegro, at 1000 m above sea level. For over 20 years now, we have been breeding and taking care of the goats of the Alpine breed, sharing our living space with them. We owe their good health and the excellent quality of their milk to the untouched nature, the white stone and the large diversity of the herbs and the vegetation that grow in abundance in these areas. It is frequently said that “the taste of our cheeses exudes the winds coming from Durmitor, Bjelasica, Zlatibor and Zlatar mountains”. It is exactly here, on the pastures of Vijenac, Savin lakat, Lastva and Seljani (Wreath, Sava’s Elbow, Lastva and Villagers, respectively) that our goats graze from March to December. During the winter months, the goats feed with the hay from the grass scythed on our meadows. For that reason, we are proud to highlight the fact that our cheese is “half food, half a medicine”! Our cheeses are produced traditionally, following the recipes of our predecessors. Apart from the recipes and the by-far famous taste, we pay exceptional attention to the preserving and improving of the autochthonous processing of milk. • Goat cheese in white slices, 10-15 mm thick • Cheese enriched with medicinal herbs (mint, St. John’s wort, thyme) picked on the heights of the surrounding mountains • Cheese with fresh pepper • Trappist cheese • Trappist cheese with the addition of red hot pepper. Zvjezd bb, Zvjezd Tel: +381 33 671 613 ; +381 64 964 8415 ; +382 68 474 965