Following older millers’ tradition of more than one century, the watermill Mitrović is still clappering and the watermill’s stones are still thundering today, grinding flour from grains selected from the fields. The Mitrović watermill on the Mileševka river – a surrealistic picture for an inhabited place, gives a breath of the homeland and the long gone times to those rare chance travelers. This is the last watermill on the Mileševka river and one of the rare throughout the Lim river basin that has resisted being ravaged by time. The watermill Mitrović produces five types of integral flour: - BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Buckwheat is a plant used for making bread, with scientifically proven medicinal properties. Buckwheat and products made from it can be recommended as healthy food of special nutritive-medicinal properties, for which reason it should be more present in all age groups’ diet. All kinds of batter and pies (of which the buckwheat pie is the best known) can be made. - RYE FLOUR Rye is particularly rich in manganese, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc. It also contains the vitamins of the B complex as well as the E vitamins. Rye contains relatively small amounts of gluten, which is significant for those who are slightly sensitive to this component. This grain contains a smaller percentage of starch in comparison with wheat and its gluten index is lower, so it is particularly suitable diabetic diet. - BARLEY FLOUR When grains are in question, barley is in the first place when healthy diet is concerned. This grain, known for centuries, is full of fibers and contains important vitamins and minerals, very little fat, and as all plants contains no cholesterol. Barley grains are used to produce the flour of a high nutritive value, particularly rich in the vitamin B12, which is rarely found in the foodstuff of the plant origin. - CORN YELLOW FLOUR Corn is said to be the “golden grain”, easy to digest and nutritive, with its biologically valuable components. It is an excellent source of constructive substances. Corn dishes taste good and are healthy in almost all their forms and combinations. It is a good source of starch, plant proteins, complex sugars and folates. By grinding the corn grain corn flour is produced, which can be used in making: bread, corn yellow bread, polenta, cakes etc. - WHEAT INTEGRAL FLOUR Wheat is an inseparable part of the diet of any man and the basic source of complex carbohydrates. Wheat is used to make the basic white flour, produced by removing the skin and the germ from the grain, which results in the white color of the grain. They are deprived of plant fibers because they remain in the middlings. By grinding the whole grain of wheat, integral wheat flour is made, which, on the other hand, is rich in vitamins and minerals. Tel: +381 64 055 5537 Milesevska 267 31300 Prijepolje