The Serbian Magaza is the place where the rural and the urban, traditions and the needs of contemporary man meet. A new way of selling products and services. The offer exudes the love of the Serbian host and his wife for what they create, for what they first intended for their children, and if any remains – for their friends. It is a new chance for preserving the production of small producers, an incentive for increasing it and enabling young people to stay and survive in the village. The new merged-offer model offers the uniqueness and source quality of the Serbian tradition. If you take care of yourself and your family, if you want a quality offer, the domestically produced in Serbia, products with a taste, a smell and a soul – you can find all of that at the Serbian Magaza. The most famous Serbian dairy product – the “kaymak” cream and flattened bread baked in the wood-burning stove are an excellent combination of authentic Serbian food, which can be served immediately upon order, for those travelling along the Ibarska Main Road. “Ayvar” Serbian pepper specialty traditionally made is available for you to taste and feel its quality, enjoy a good bite and, of course, buy a jar or two of it. Choose quality, eat the authentic sausage made according to traditional recipes and from the most quality meat. If you wish to have traditional products in your homes, you can offer them: fruit sweets, jams, juices, brandies, wines, cheeses, ayvar, dry fruit, domestic teas etc. Sweet Trio Share the Sweet Trio – three particular tastes – with your friends and family. It is a sweet made from wild strawberries, white cherries and raspberries and is the best with a glass of cold water; it can also be used as an ice-cream dressing. Tel: +381 65 282 8488 ; +381 14 344 3777 Ravnogorska 52 14240 Ljig Serbia