In Zlatibor village of Rožanstvo, on the road from Zlatibor to Sirogojno, there is a Dairy Plant Biljana Krin. Zlatibor fresh cheese and fresh kajmak are the brand products, created in a traditional way in healthy mountainous environment. The primary business activity was purchase of milk from individual producers and further distribution. Dairy plant has been established in September 2009, with the capacity of 3000l of milk. Increased workload requested more labor force, so that the company besides family members also employs three workers. Purchase of milk is done solely from the farmers from Rožanstvo and Kriva Reka, thus making the milk from Zlatibor source raw material used for processing. The products: - fresh cheese chunks – ripe cheese chunks – semi-fat and whole cheese - kajmak – peppers stuffed with cream – bottled liquid whey. Visitors can try and buy dairy products in the Tasting Center. If they decide to stay longer, the Menu offers home-made Zlatibor food. Rožanstvo bb, Rožanstvo Tel: +381 64 642 9028