Next to the arterial road Užice – Požega, in the village of Zlakusa you can visit Pottery Workshop Tešić. Manufacture and sale of pottery is done in the shop at the very entrance to the village, in beautiful ethnic surroundings. The visitors of this workshop can watch the process of making or try making a piece of pottery, and take their product along with them, if they wish so. The utensils are made of material consisting of a mix of clay and a special type of stone. The stone is ground and mixed with clay in the ratio 1: 1, without adding any other raw materials, colors or binders. Manufacture is done manually on the potter's wheel – circle - in the traditional way that didn't change for centuries. After drying, the pots are baked at temperatures of around 800 degrees Centigrade. All containers can be used for preparing food in all types of stoves, in the oven, on the hot-plate or in the open fire in the fireplace. Besides the utensils for preparing and serving food of various forms and sizes, Pottery Tesic also manufactures jars, decorative flowers pots and tailor-made products. Zlakusa bb, Zlakusa Tel: +381 31 546 377 ; +381 60 693 9669 ; +381 64 156 5351 ; +381 61 615 6005