Farm "Marin Gaj" is open to visitors throughout the year. The household owns a farm breeding ancient pig breeds: Green Resavka, Moravka and Mangulica. One can also see various breeds of domestic poultry in the farm. For organized groups of visitors the Menu offers: homemade round bread baked in furnace, cheese and kajmak (rich spread cheese), domestic gibanica (cheese pie), chicken thick soup, roast or goulash made of mangulica meat, or Svadbarski (marriage) cabbage cooked in earthen pot. Expansion of the offer by the household is pending, by procurement of a donkey and small horses for riding. The household does not use any pesticides or artificial flavors during food preparation. The products that can be purchased: - Products made of home-grown mangulica meat – sausages, prosciutto, dry bacon, fat ... – Home made prunes, jams, various kinds of brandy, cheese, kajmak, fresh farm eggs... In the vicinity of the farm there is a mountain, river, open swimming pool, sports grounds, cycling lane, religious site, historical site, experimental farm, spa. Cvetanovac bb, Cvetanovac (Kolubarski okrug - Ljig) Tel: +381 14 842 93 ; +381 65 848 4293