The most visited Serbian mountain Zlatibor, besides its beauties and health benefits also attracts visitors by its traditional gourmet specialties. Village of Mačkat is situated on the North-Eastern slopes of Zlatibor, roughly half-way through between the mountain center and Užice. The arterial road passing through the village enables easy access to everyone wishing to visit it. Average altitude of 850 meters, a place where Mediterranean climate meets continental one and the wind rose make it an ideal place for manufacturing meat products, for which Mačkat is renowned far and wide. Residents of Mačkat knew how to utilize everything the nature has given to their village and by preserving the tradition alive, they have initiated a large number of meat processing plants, producing the famous Zlatiborska beef and pork ham, bacon, cured pastirma (dried lamb meat), various kinds of sausages and other delicacies specific for Zlatibor and its villages. Desiring to preserve their traditional production and show it to the world, the inhabitants of Mačkat organize Pršutijada (Cured Ham Contest) every January, a competitive exhibition of dry-meat products. During Pršutijada the best Serbian dry-meat products are chosen, among which winners were the products from Prosciutto Manufacturer Zaric. Miloš Zarić has successfully inherited the family tradition and together with his family expands production and enhances the operations of Max Zara. Prosciutto, sausage, bacon are salted, dried and smoked over beech tree fire, in crisp mountain air. The Tasting Center of Prosciutto Manufacturer Max Zara is located in Mačkat hamlet of Kačer. In the Tasting Center decorated in a cozy mountain style, you can taste and buy prosciutto, sausage, bacon, tobacco-greaves… Mačkat bb, Mačkat Tel: +381 69 118 8260 ; +381 31 834 145