Dairy plant "Zlatarka" has been established in 2002 as Manufacture and Trading Company Zlatarka-Popović Vuk i drugi OD (Zlatarka-Popović Vuk General Partnership). Since August 2011 it operates as ,,Zlatarka“ d.o.o. (Limited Liability Company). The main business activity is production and processing of milk and dairy products. Daily milk processing capacity ranges from 5,000 - 10,000 liters. The production process starts from reception and inspection of milk, which after the reception goes to preliminary chilling at the temperature up to +4 degrees Centigrade. Preliminary chilling is followed by pasteurization, adding of culture (depending on what is produced), ripening and packaging. After packing, the finished products are stored in the appropriate temperature regime. The regime depends on the products involved. For example, in case of cheese maturing, it shall be kept at a temperature of + 20C degrees, while yoghurt ripens at + 8C degrees. The Dairy production program covers: - yogurt 1/1, 1/2 and 0.2l – acidified milk 0.2l - pasteurized milk 1/1l - 0,20 l; sour cream; - cheeses: whole cheese 45-60% of dairy fat, fat cheese 25-40% of dairy fat and semi-fat 10-25% of dairy fat – hard cheese 45% of dairy fat; - chopped paprika in sour cream and stuffed peppers in cream with different appearances and packages. Product placement is done through large retail chains such as Delhaize, Metro, Idea. The Dairy plant also exports to large retail chains NTC and VOLI in Montenegro. The biggest turnover is achieved by Delhaize assortment of cheeses and hard cheeses. The Dairy Plant has been issued TUV Certificate for HACCP and ISO 9001: 2008. Komarani bb, Komarani Tel: +381 64 598 8558 ; +381 33 685 290