Distillery "Ognjena“ is situated in a family estate in village Ivanje, 5 km from Prijepolje. Across the estate spread orchards in which majority of fruits processed into brandy are grown. The Company "Braća Tomašević" d.o.o. (Limited Liability Company) has been established and operating in the Catering Industry since 1989. This is a small, family business, the founders and owners of which are brothers Vukosav and Miloš Tomašević. Fruit brandy production is a multi-century family tradition. Grandfather of the company owners used to deal in manufacture and trade of brandy already at the turn of the 19th, beginning of 20th century. He was an established tradesman from Prijepolje, host and patriot, Vukosav Tomašević. As a registered producer of spirits "Braća Tomašević" D.O.O. (Limited Liability Company) appeared on the market in 2010. Brandy "Ognjena“ is produced in the traditional manner from the top quality fruits. Controlled fermentation and double distillation (overdoing) in copper cauldrons produce the original taste of brandy, peculiar for Serbia. Manufacturing program: - brandies made of plum, quince, apricot, apple, raspberry, pear and wild pear - Special brandies: Honey brandy, Herbal brandy, Gentian and Mint brandies - Liqueurs made of sour cherries, raspberries and walnuts. Ivanje bb, Ivanje Tel: +381 65 377 1083 ; +381 65 666 5500 ; +381 33 716 141 ; +381 11 218 9915