Divčibare is located on Maljen mountain, 38 km southeast of Valjevo, and lies 980 m above sea-level. Because of its favourable geographic position, coastal air masses reach Divčibare, meeting with those of the Carpathian and Pannonian regions, which explains the increased presence of iodine in the air. Divčibare has a gentle climate, with an average of 239 days without wind and 280 days without rainfall. Winter sees a lot of snow and the mean air temperature during summer does not exceed 22°C. For that reason, Divčibare has been designated a healthy air resort. The climate of Divčibare lends itself to the treatment of: autonomic nervous system disorders chronic bronchitis bronchial asthma anaemia The gentle climate, favourable geographic position, abundant plant and animal life, rich springs and flowing water make Divčibare one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Serbia, both in the summer and winter. Nature reserves in Divčibare include the old forest on the Velika Pleća peak, the Vražji Vir waterfall on the Crna Kamenica river and the Crna Reka river canyon. Of special interest is the 20 m-high Skakalo waterfall on the Manastirica river. In Divčibare there are small sports fields, tennis and mini golf, a fitness circuit and marked walking paths. The riding school is open all year round and skiers have the use of several ski slopes and a ski school. Throughout the year diverse tourist, cultural and sporting events are held in Divčibare, including the White Daffodil beauty contest, Days of Mushrooms and the Winter Children's Recreation Festival.
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