Municipality of Svilajnac is located on the right side of the river Velika Morava, in the region of Šumadija and Pomoravlje, in the area called Resava. Municipality of Svilajnac has a long and rich history, and the town itself has a centuries-long existence. The unique look of settlement is preserved, adorned with green spaces and modern parks and infrastructure. Kriva čaršija, once a trade zone, today a pedestrian zone, is connected with the wider city center and many city parks. Today, it is rich with a large number of services, trade shops and residential - commercial buildings, and provides an excellent location for walking and family gatherings. The town has two significant monuments that are set on squares named by the names of monuments. Mara Resavkinja monument was raised in 1926 in honor of fallen warriors from Svilajnac fighting in battles from 1912-1918, and Stevan Sinđelić monument – Resava′s Duke and hero of the First Serbian Uprising raised in 1991. In the heart of the city there are buildings with a long and rich history: Resavska Biblioteka building built in 1903 in today's Square of Heroe′s, St. Nicholas church built in 1827, Gymnasium built between 1875 and 1877 which was declared as a cultural monument, so as the Old hospital building built in 1906. One of the most important tourist destination is a memorial house of Stevan Sinđelić that is located in the village of Grabovac. There is a large number of monasteries at the territory of the municipality that people usually call Resavska Sveta gora: Miljkov Monastery, Monastery dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Zlatenac Monastery, Monastery of Blessed Virgin Mary and Monastery Tomić. The municipality of Svilajnac lies on two river banks that create excellent conditions for sport fishing, and it is also known as hunting area. Svilajnac is a modern city today, which has preserved its authentic old architecture, but it is rich with modern infrastructure, so today in Svilajnac you can see modern facilities including the Nature History Center Serbia wich represent unique combination of science and entertainment on 3000 square meters.