Administrative center of North Banat, Kikinda, is 130 kilometres away from Belgrade. Althoug "deep“ in Banat, Kikinda has good communications with other parts of Serbia. On each part of the city and its surrounding there are archeologic finds speaking about the fact that people used to live there organized even five thousand years BC. The urban core of the town is marked by the high tower of the City Hall (1894). The emblem of Kikinda on its fasade even today presents an imposing mark of the place. Lepedat Villa from 1908 is situated on the corner of the Main Street and without exception, always attracts the travellers' attention. Rich archeological collection can be seen in the Kurija Building, where the museum is situated today. Not far from there, there is the Church of St Nicholas (1769), distinguished for its old sun clock on its southern part. Кikinda has Old Suvača. It is actually a large mill once turned by the harnessed hourses. Suvača of Kikinda is one of the two left in the whole Europe. Long ago, wheat was ground there, while today, people use it for concerts and theatre performances. In the center, the Hotel „Narvik“ dominates for its architecture, and accomodation can be, except for there, organized in numerous private rooms in the place or in the surrounding. Visits to the surrounding of Kikinda can lead to very unusual experience. It is full with remains of old civilizations, and the villagers really try hard to create new content to attract the visitors, but to entertain themselves as well. Regarding that, in Mokrino, a village close to Kikinda, every Easter, people organize Тucinijada fest – a competition in breaking Easter eggs. In Mokrin, the traditional event is geese fighting. Kikinda has also days dedicated to pumpkins. Namely, every first weekend in October, the Days of Ludaja has been traditionally organized. During those days, the center of the town is flooded with pumpkins. Noone has answered yet why people call pumpkins ludaja here. It is supposed that it presents another name fot he nobel kind of a pumpkin…
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