Bečej, a town situated on the river Tisa is 120 kilometres awya from Belgrade. All the monuments in this place are concentrated on the main square, with its official name – Trg Oslobođenja (Square of Liberty). However, this place is better known as pogača, for its shape. There is a City House, Endowment of baroness Eufimia Jović, as well as the Orthodox Church, built in 1851. Those who often go towards Banat say that there is always a good meal in Bečej, and sleepover can be a special event. The industrialist Bogdan Dunđerski is mainly responsible for that, who built an amaizing Dunđerski Palace at the beginning of 20th century, which today presents – Hotel "Fantast". It is 14 kilometres in the western Bečej. Within the complex on 65 ha of this unusual hotel, there is a small family chapel, but an excellent stable too, which sometimes had even 1400 horses.