Zrenjanin is 73 kilometres away from Belgrade. This is, however, the largest city in Banat and is known after its name from the past as Veliki Bečkerek (Big Becskerek). The regional routes join together in it leading from Novi Sad to Belgrade. The central square Trg slobode, is not larg but it is extremely attractive. There dominates the baroque City House dating from 1820. This building has recently been reconstructed and was brought back its past splendor. The complex of the City House includes the City Garden, a beautiful area fro relaxation and rest, decorated with fountains, statues and pavillions. There is situated a Roman-Catholic Cathedrale of St Jonh of Nepomuk (with known organs) from 1864, built in Romanesque style. It was built "to suit", so the sounds of its bells reaches "exactly the outskirts of the city, not any further". The palace of the National Museum is a monumental one, a former Palace of Finance (1894) and the building of the National Theatre "Тоša Jovanović" with the oldest theatre stage in Serbia. From the square Trg Slobode you enter the King Alexander I Street where a lot of Zrenjanin's restaurants and cafes are located. There, standing one next to another, the palaces of Bece, Panji, Kovač or Tuner (called „Scheherazade“, for its unique Mavar construction style), houses of the traders Jakšić or Schtagelschmitd families, all the way to the "Reneisanse" palace. Besides parks (eight large ones) and squares (five of them), a special charm of the city on Begej is thanks to its bridges. There are ten bridges. The oldest one is so-called Mali most (Small bridge) built in 1904 which can only be used by the pedestrians. The chapel beside the Zrenjanin of the Church of the Presentation to the Temple holds the relics of the reverend hieromonk Rafail of Banat, Hilandar’s missionary who was pronounced a saint and rainmaker during his life. According to the legend, after his death, the healing water flowed out of an old elm tree in the port which was healing many people having been hopeless until then. There are four hotels and several motels in Zrenjanin, but also well developed private accomodation network. That is why it is better to book the accomodation in the local touristic organization. Close to Zrenjanin, on the way to Novi Bečej, near Melenci, at the coast of the lake Rusanda, there is a spa Banja Rusanda. It offers a great variety of spa therapies, and opportunities to go in for some sports. The catering offer of this locality includes mainly fish specialties. Along the highway Zrenjanin-Belgrade, 15 kilometres away from the city there is a unique Ethno-complex "Тiganjica", with accomodation, restauant, mini zoo and all accompanying contents. Bird-watching is becoming a hobby here. The municipality of Zrenjanin, traditionally, during the last week in August, organizes a beer festival called Dani piva. It presents a quick beer drinking competition. Also, every June, during the manifestation "Busy hands from Banat“ various handcrafts and traditional Banat meals are presented there.
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