Тitel, a town situated in a triangle Tisa, Danube and Begej, can be reached easily from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin. The fastest way is, however, if you go along the regional road in South Bačka from Novi Sad to Banat. This town has rich history, since Roman period. Everywhere around the town there are traces left by various peoples passing through there for centuries. There in Titel, the home of Mileva Marić Ajnštajn is situated. Yet, the largest attraction of this place is the hill Titelski breg – a specific loess ground hill rising bove the Vojvodina's plains. The unusual characteristics of this countryside are fulfilled with rich flora and fauna. Sailing down the river Tisa and Begej, you can reach Mošorina where the archeological find Feudvar is situated dating from the Iron and Bronze Age. Titel provides all conditions necessary to go in for any sport – rowing, sailing, even paragliding. Those who like camping can enjoy wonderful grounds in Titel. The richness of the offer is fulfilled with manifestations as well, like: Regatta, Eco-camp, Derby-Race meetings…