The municipality Pećinci, one of the smaller municipalities in Serbia, is situated in the area of the lower Srem, 25 kilometers in the south-west from Belgrade. Yet, for its excellent location, closeness to Belgrade and the airport, as well as the highway Belgrade-Zagreb, the municipality of Pećinci has become very attractive destination for tourists and domestic investors. Today, it is considerd as a municipality with the largest number of greenfield investments per citizen in Serbia. Out of all settlements in the municipality Pećinci, publicly well-known is the place Šimanovci, standing for being an enormous industrial zone where the companies from the whole Europe and world operate. Besodes its enormous economic development, Pećinci is interesting for tourists as well. The river Sava running through the place Kupinovo, which besides pećinci, on this way present a real heavenly river. In this village, there is the Church of St Luka, palace church of Branković family from 15th century. The old part of the village was rearranged into an ethno-park which represents traditional Srem constructions. Along the river Sava, 35 kilometers from Belgrade, through Jakovo, Progara and Kupinovo, you reach Obedska bara. This natural resort is on the UNESCO list of world important habitats and an area of an international importance. On the island on the Pond there are remains of the walls with towers of the middle ages Kupinik, which in 15th century belonged to Serbian Despots Stefan Lazarević and family Branković. For the detailed information regarding the quality and prices, as well as particular facilities providing services of oversleeping, one should contact the local touristic organization, which might give recommendation about the accommodation in a hotel in Ruma and provide data about the offer of local restaurants and motels.