The town of Šid is situated 86 kilometers away from Belgrade and is reached by the E70 highway. Immediately by the road, there is the Common Grave of the Soldiers Killed on the Syrmium Front from 1944 to 1945. Šid is located in southwestern Vojvodina, namely western Srem, namely the northwestern part of Serbia. The extent to which the municipality of Šid can be categorized into the “green” municipalities is best confirmed by the fact that, of the total territory of 69,800 ha, the arable land accounts for 40,000 ha and the forests 22,000 ha. Today, many people associate Šid with Sava Šumanović, whose Gallery of Paintings (holding over 400 works done by him) and his authentic atelier are located in St. Sava Street in the center of the town. In Šid, there is also the “Ilianum” Museum of Naïve Art. In the immediate vicinity of the town of Šid, you should pay a visit to the Privina Glava Monastery, the Church in Molovin Village, famous for the iconostasis, the hunting areas of Vorov, Vranjak and Morović.