The city of Aranđelovac, 85 kilometers from Belgrade, was founded during the period of Prince Miloš, and today it is joined with Bukovička Banja spa. It is known for the Venčac's white marble, therapeutical water and favourable climate. In the center of Bukovička Banja, there is an arranged park at even 25 ha, as well as the Old edifice, former summer residence of the Obrenović family. Mineral water from Bukovička Banja used to be used as table water in the palace of Prince Miloš Obrenović, and today, it is one of the most famous Serbian brands among bottled waters. In the Spa, there is also a Special Hospital, where patients are helped using mineral water with healing properties, clay and the up-to-date methods, internist patients are also helped, as well as children with Diabetes using insulin therapy. Aranđelovac is famous for the art festival Мarble and Sounds, protected by UNESCO, but for Оrašac, too – a place 6 kilometres away from the town, where the decision to initiate the First Serbian Uprising was brought.