Mionica is 92 kilometers far from Belgrade. Its church is famous for the icons belonging to the Hadzi-Ruvim Art School. The trademark of this town is the monument dedicated to Duke Živojim Mišić. In the village Struganik, ten kilometers from Mionica, there is Mišić's house where he was born. In the house, half a log home – half a wettle and daub hut, there is an interior kept from the period when Mišić was born. In the memory of the Duke, every July, the festival named Mišić's days is held when the people living in the district gather together for the celebration. Most of the population is employed with fruit-growing and cattle breeding, but since this place has been attracting more and more visitors, in Mionica, rural tourism has been developed, regarding which the leading places are Berkovac, Planinica and Popadić. Fishing, hunting, picturesque canyon of the river Ribnica and delicious food, present a part of the offer of kind hosts. In the municipality of Mionica, there is a well-known Banja Vrujci spa, one of the best health resorts in Serbia, with first-class running water which is bottled and exported without any additional technological processing.