Paraćin is located 160 km southwards from Belgrade, on the highway to Niš. The river Crnica flows through the town only to flow into the Velika Morava river (Great Morava) after three kilometers. The municipality of Paraćin also includes part of the rich and fertile Morava River Basin, covering the region from the Kučaj Mountains in the east and descending to the Great Morava River in the west, cut through in many places by the river flows of the Crnica and the Grza. The written traces of the name of Paraćin date back in the 14th century. The second half of the 19th century was the mark of the inception of industry in this place. The factories producing wool fabrics, cement and glass were established here. On the right river bank of the Grza, at the exit from the Gorge of Čestobrodica, there is the Monastery of St. Paraskeva. The church was built in the second half of the 14th century. The shapes of the domes above the naos and the narthex remind us of the dome of the church in Ljubostinja. The region of the Grza river is the place dominating the tourist offer of Paraćin. At the 17th km of the road from Paraćin to Zaječar, there is a resort – Grza. The spring of this river is extremely attractive, as well as the two lakes in its vicinity are. The village of Krivi Vir, located about twenty kilometers away from Paraćin towards Zaječar, abounds in natural beauties, too.